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by Web Master 5. October 2016 05:31

The computer programming world is constantly changing in the available libraries, frameworks and standards. I have been working on some new programming projects, so have been researching some of the latest frameworks for JavaScript to see if I want to use any of them.  JavaScript is a programming language used primarily in browsers to provide interactive and responsive user interfaces on web pages. A JavaScript framework is composed of supporting libraries for UI interaction, server communication and coding standards.

Here are some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks available at the time this post was written:

List from

Reactive Frameworks

  • Reactive.js - has nice plugins, but some don't seem to work
  • WebRx - developed in TypeScript. Based on ReactiveX.
  • Riot.js - replaces custom tags in HTML with JS code generated by a compiler. Possible solution as it looks straight forward.
  • Mithril - Small and fast. All in JavaScript. Need to consider how it will interface with .NET
  • Vue.js - looks run of the mill.

MVC JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

  • Angular.js - Popular framework, but transitioning to new version
  • jQuery - Not a framework, but simplifies DOM access and changes.
  • React - Popular. .NET MVC support at and discussion here
  • Socket - website isn't very helpful. looks like it is used for chat or multi-user games. Utilizes Node.js
  • Polymer - library to build reusable HTML elements.
  • Node.js - not a framework, development platform like Java and .NET
  • Meteor - use Node.js
  • D3.js - very nice data visualizations
  • Ember - works in conjunction with Babel. Compiles files into JavaScript.
  • Aurelia - Integration with HTML tags looks promising. Limits framework intrusion by using defaults. Programmer friendly syntax.
  • Knockout - looks nice, but may not be actively supported. Some markup is a little quirky. Good .NET support
  • Keystone - use Node.js
  • Stapes.js - Small.
  • Inferno - small and extremely fast rendering. Similar to React




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