Thoughts on Gun Control

by Web Master 3. October 2017 20:16

On October 1, 2017, a cowardly asshole with guns murdered innocent people in Las Vegas (see At least 59 dead, 527 injured in mass shooting on Las Vegas Strip). This is a horrific tragedy and my condolences to all of the victims and those affected.

This horrific murder has led to the call for more gun control (again). Here is my opinion of gun control and how to proceed after this tragic shooting.

Most gun control ideas espoused by the media and politicians are targeted at law abiding citizens in reducing the number of guns and people allowed to own them. Laws based on these ideas would not have prevented this attack, or most other shootings. This is because these laws do not target the real problem.

The real problem is in finding ways to dissuade criminals and violent people or groups from attacking innocent people. Disarming the people emboldens, not dissuades, the aggressor.

Historically, disarming law abiding citizens has been disastrous, resulting in the deaths of millions (yes, millions!) of people (See This happens because politicians disarm the people, but not themselves. Evil politicians or their cronies are then free to impose their views through violence and coercion. The people suffer and die and the genocide of groups and political opponents follows. This is the primary reason for the second Amendment of the US Constitution.

Disarming the people also allows criminals to prey upon the disarmed populace. Criminals will still be able to get guns as they will ignore the law (Duh!). Criminals are less likely to attack people who they think are armed as evidenced by the drop in crime in States with conceal carry laws. Many of the most infamous shootings are in "gun free" zones where the criminal is more sure of facing disarmed victims.

How do we reduce gun violence? We need a multi-pronged solution. Better mental care for the suicidal, better education in the areas more concentrated with gangs and their associated gun violence, more firearms in the hands of responsible adults, convicted murderers should be reviled and not sensationalized, etc. All solutions meant to dissuade the criminal or to help the mentally ill.



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